The Wounded Healer

I was baptized and raised in the United Methodist Church, here in the evergreen of the Pacific Northwest. I was raised with the ways and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and a particular approach to understanding and living those ways in my life.

I have also spent the last ten years in various Twelve Step recovery programs, learning that trusting in a power greater than myself — relinquishing my life and will before having all the knowledge — is far more important than knowing, understanding, or putting a name to that power.

I like the Jesus story because it gives us a higher power — a healer who restores us to sanity — who came into his power through giving it up. Jesus didn’t ascend to his throne through cunning or might, but by being stripped, beaten, and killed.

I will be using the Jesus story heavily in my writings because that is the story I know and the story I have to share — and I will be sharing some Jesus-specific posts in the theologian’s corner—but what is important to me as we journey together is not religious or theological agreement, but honesty and humility. I invite you to bring your story to the table and share it freely alongside mine.

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About Your Host

faceshot thumbIn addition to verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, I have suffered my share of health problems, including disorders and conditions labeled as both mental and physical. On the mental health side, I am diagnosed with bipolar disorder, PTSD, and social anxiety disorder. The physical side starts with multiple, successive concussions received while in military service, leading to traumatic brain injury and chronic migraine, and expands to include Crohn’s Disease, asthma, and an injured back and knee. I have also experienced loss through death, divorce, and relocation.

Why have I had all the luck? How did one person come to suffer so much? Why do some of us seem to get more than our share of pain and suffering in this life? Those are good questions and I have no answers, but I hope to explore them with you as we go.

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